Importance of Phone Security

Do you use the internet on your phone throughout the day? This could include simply browsing the web, streaming videos, checking out social media sites, checking email or even playing some of the games you have installed. If the answer is yes, then you need antivirus security on your phone to keep your personal information safe. Viruses and malware, the biggest threats to your phone aside from theft, are found all over the web, and many of them are designed to delve into your phone’s files. Once they’ve taken root, they’ll either work at extracting your personal information or destroying your device from the inside out.

This is precisely why you need to download antivirus measures for your phone from the Google Play Store. All in all, your best bet is using AVG Antivirus, which is currently the top-rated mobile antivirus solution on the market. While there are certainly other applications out there, there are several reasons how AVG protects your phone better than the rest, some of which include:

  • The app scans Wi-Fi networks and websites to identify any potential problems before viruses can make their way into your phone.
  • The app provides your phone with even more anti-theft measures than antivirus solutions, and gives you several options if your phone is lost or stolen, ranging from tracking your phone down with Google Maps to completely wiping personal information from the SD card.
  • It supports your privacy by providing you with a password-protected vault to keep your photos in, allowing you to lock apps that contain sensitive information and much, much more.

Between online viruses, real life thieves and the occasional snoop, your phone is under constant threat of danger in one way or another. That’s why having an antivirus app like AVG on your side is so crucial if you want to keep all of your information (and your device itself) safe and sound.