Winter is coming – Choose your winter coat

As August draws closer to an end and minds begin to think about the cooler months, it also becomes time to think about pulling out warmer attire. After months in mothballs and perhaps years of use, you may find it’s time to replace your most essential winter clothing item. In shopping for a new winter coat, it’s as important to stay fashionable and stylish as it is to keep warm. Below, we’ll look at a few of the hottest trends for men’s winter coats.

The Pea Coat

Intended more to compliment a casual look than to enhance the already formal look of business wear, the pea coat’s most attractive feature is a prominent collar. The collar can be propped up to protect against harsh winds or simply to add a greater sense of style without going over the line.
The pea coat’s thick material and double breasted chest give the torso added protection against the cold, particularly in areas where winds may be more threatening than precipitation.

The Overcoat

This is the traditional choice for businessmen and with good reason. An overcoat with the right thickness can protect against the harshest conditions, while the flowing length keeps a suit or business-casual attire dry and free of wrinkles. Overcoats have long been chosen for their style as well as the protection they provide.

The Trench Coat

Here, we have the less formal cousin of the overcoat and the choice of many gumshoe detectives of past decades. It’s still popular today for its versatility and its protection against rain, sleet, and snow. Many trench coats come with extra lining and the higher end offerings are lined with wool to ensure the wearer stays warm as well as dry.

The Parka

This coat is intended for more rugged, extreme climates, offering thicker and often padded linings, as well as wool-trimmed hoods. Although preferred with casual wear, many men opt to wear the parka to the office as well. In areas where snowfall or rain can be as threatening as dropping temperatures, this may be the only sensible choice.

The Duffle Coat

The coarse wool that makes up this coat can withstand the coldest temperatures, while wooden toggles take the place of buttons or a zipper. The duffle coat boosts a sense of style for the casually dressed man, ensuring that both fashion and function are answered with equal zeal.
These are just a few of the trends already gaining popularity for the coming winter season. Shop around for your best fit and the highest level of protection, but remember that winter coat can also be a trendy and personal choice.