The Art of Vape

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In the past few years, a large number of smokers have given up their former tobacco product in favor of a vape pen or e-cigarette. Why have so many people switched? Is there more to this craze than just switching how most people are getting their nicotine fix? In a way smoking tobacco never did, vaping has exploded into a movement of creativity and self-expression, with many prominent vapers sparking discussions around the topic. While the health debates and inquiries into what the various eliquids are made of are still being researched, a more interesting discussion of vaping as an art form is also being formed.

There are so many varieties of vape pens and e-cigarettes with more and more being developed and redesigned every day. Some of them are sleek, discreet devices while other more lavish designs look like they belong in the latest big budget sci-fi movie. These designs can be considered an art form in and of itself, pushing the ergonomics and aesthetics of the vaping industry forward. The equipment used for vaping is becoming more and more important to the community and is a driving force of the art and sparking more and more innovation as users seek equipment that is both practical but can also be displayed proudly.

What used to be a choice between a multitude of cigarette company brand names has now been replaced by a large buffet of flavors and infusions in the liquids and oils being used. Vape shops have also become gathering places where users don’t just purchase products but meet and mingle surrounded by clouds of vape smoke.

Vaping is still new, but already it has inspired many people and served as a muse for artistic expression. We’ve already discussed the various different vaping devices and their designs as an art form, but other more traditional art forms like music and photography have sprung up from vaping world as well. A beautiful woman gently dangling a cigarette from her finger tips was an artistic trope used for years. Just burgeoning now are spectacular photos and compositions featuring users posing while surrounded by exquisite clouds of smoke. We’ve only just started to see where this infant technology is headed and the art that is springing up around it, but it can be safely said that this space is bound to grow and influence more artists and create further discussion around the world.

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