Top 3 Tricks While Hiring Exotic Cars in Ontario

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If you are in the mood to rent a luxury vehicle for the weekend, or you want to try out a luxury car through the rental process before you commit to buying, then you are going to want to know all the secrets for saving money. It is true that much like buying an exotic car, renting one is going to cost you more money than it would to rent a regular vehicle. However, if you are in the mood for luxury, you may be okay with investing a little bit more money into the rental.

But even when you have the means at your disposal, you are going to want to save as much as possible. It is only prudent to pay the necessary amount of money for the transaction. And one of the tricks you can use is to ignore the major car rental companies in your area. It may seem as though a bigger company would give you a better deal, but with car rentals it is not the case. They often have higher rates and more hidden fees. Going with the smaller companies in your area will give you a better chance at renting an exotic car for a lower price.

Another trick is to never rent at the airport. Even if you are just arriving in Ontario, and you want to rent a car right away, it is best to take a taxi or some other type of car service to the rental place where you are going to get your exotic car. It will be easier for you to visit a local establishment, and you will avoid the premium price that is normally associated with renting a car from the airport. In some cases, an exotic car rental from a smaller company is cheaper than renting a regular vehicle from one of the bigger rental companies at the airport.

The third trick you should know about is adjusting the rental time to see if you can get a better rate. For instance, the rate for renting the car for an entire week is often a lot better than the rate for a 3 or 4-day rental. And if you are in Ontario for more than three or four days, or you are renting the exotic car to try it out, it may make sense for you to rent it for an extra few days. It would dramatically bring down your “per day” rental cost.

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