15 Travel Hacks You Should Know

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These expert travel hacks can greatly improve your next long-distance trip on an airplane. They will boost comfort, cut expenses and increase the chance of reaching your destination on time:

1. The same airline ticket may cost different amounts if you check the price on foreign versions of a website. Try comparing the rates on a company’s .com website to those of its .co.jp or .co.uk counterparts.

2. Consider buying one-way tickets from two separate airlines rather than paying for a round-trip flight. This costs less in some situations.

3. Purchase and set aside separate electronic chargers and adapters to use while traveling. Keep them in a small container. This will save time and reduce the likelihood that you’ll forget them.

4. Delete your browser’s cookies and history of search queries before checking the cost of an airline ticket. These records can result in higher prices on some websites.

5. If you pack extra sneakers or boots in a suitcase, don’t overlook the space inside of them. You can roll up socks and put them in your footwear.

6. Clothes take up less room when you roll them rather than folding them. If wrinkles are a concern, tissue paper can mitigate this problem.

7. Place heavy objects at the base of your luggage. This will save time and prevent damage by improving stability. It decreases the risk that your suitcase will repeatedly tip over when you’re at the airport.

8. You can still use airport lounges when you buy economy tickets. Order a daily or yearly pass. These are less expensive when people buy them online before taking trips.

9. To reduce jet lag, keep away from high-sodium foods. Try to consume plenty of protein. Avoid anything that promotes dehydration, such as caffeine or alcoholic beverages.

10. If you have a credit card, find out about any travel benefits that it supplies. Many cards include airport lounge access, rental car insurance or other extras.

11. Visit manufacturers’ websites and request free samples of products that you’ll need while traveling. Most companies will send convenient travel-size merchandise.

12. Order a vegetarian, kosher or other special airline meal. This normally means that you’ll be among the first passengers to be served. Such meals are often of higher quality as well.

13. Think about switching to a different credit card if you plan to travel frequently. Some cards waive fees on foreign transactions or reward customers with plenty of frequent flyer miles. Watch out for steep annual fees.

14. Consider paying $85 to undergo a TSA PreCheck. This program allows people without criminal convictions to avoid time-consuming security screenings before they board domestic flights. It involves a brief interview and some forms.

15. If you need to find a taxi quickly and there’s a long line in the arrival zone, try visiting the departure area. It’s usually easy to board a taxicab that has just finished dropping off passengers.

These travel hacks show that the best techniques and solutions aren’t always obvious or even logical. Thorough research and unconventional thinking can truly enhance your trip.

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