A Quick Guide On How to Grow a Beard and Survive the Dreaded Itch!

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Are you looking to grow a beard, but not sure how to care for your facial hair along the way? There are many reasons to grow a beard, whether you want a new style or are looking to appear older or more professional. But for those growing a beard for the first time, there are a lot of questions you might have. This guide will explain the basics of growing a beard, from what to expect to proper care and maintenance.

First Step: Choose a beard that works for you

Many men see a celebrity beard and think ‘that could be me.’ But in reality, not everybody can grow every type of beard, so it’s important to pick a style that will work for your facial hair. Look at your face in the mirror–facial shape is important in choosing a style of beard, as your beard should frame your face in an aesthetically pleasing way. If you have a long face and a prominent chin, for example, you may not want to grow your beard far below your chin.

Accept Some Discomfort

No matter what you do, the initial stages of growing a beard will likely be uncomfortable. Newly grown hairs tend to be very itchy and sharp around the tip, and it can be annoying and prickly. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the itching and prickliness tends to subside after a week or so, so stay strong! In addition, using beard shampoo and beard oils can reduce the itching and soften the hairs, so use these products if the new hairs are getting annoying.

Trim Your Beard Along the Way

A common mistake many men make is to think that they can just sit back and watch their beard grow without any maintenance. It’s important to trim your beard even as you are letting it grow to keep all portions an equal length; not only will it look odd otherwise, but you want to ensure your beard grows in symmetrically. You should also be trimming any other facial hair as usual, to ensure that the rest of your face looks good with your beard as it grows. If you have access to a beard trimmer or facial hair scissors, you should use them for the greater precision it allows, but if not, any razor is fine so long as you’re careful. Invest in the best beard trimmer you can buy, as I find the cheaper ones really do pluck a lot rather than clean cut, which can cause a lot of discomfort.

Condition Your Beard

This primarily refers to keeping your beard clean and soft, as you should with any facial hair. Not only does washing your facial hair regularly keep it softer, but it also keeps the hair healthier, which will promote faster, more symmetrical growth. If you have beard shampoo, this is ideal, as it both cleans your beard and keeps it soft, but if not, traditional shampoo and conditioner are better than nothing. If you’re dedicated to growing a beard, you should also invest in beard oil, as it has specific nutrients to keep your beard growing strong and keep it soft.

Avoid the Neckbeard

No matter how it grows in, the neckbeard is never really a good look. When growing a new beard, you’ll want to trim not only neck hairs, but stray hairs anywhere else other than your beard. Not only can this look scruffy and unappealing, but stray hairs will distract the eye from where it should be focused–your beard.

Be Patient!

The most important thing to remember when growing a beard is that patience is key. Unless your hair grows supernaturally fast, you can expect to wait at least a month to grow a full beard, although the waiting time will vary depending on the length you’re going for. A common mistake is to get impatient and start trimming and shaping right away, but it’s key to let the hairs grow in a bit so you can see what needs to be trimmed. Growing a beard requires patience, but it’s worth it to get the look you want!

If you follow all of these steps and practice regular beard care, you’ll have the facial hair you want before you know it. Remember to be patient throughout the process and to trim and soften your beard as it grows, and if you want the best possible results, invest a bit of money in beard oils and a beard trimmer if you haven’t already.

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