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There is nothing quite as exciting as getting married; however, there are a few things that you should be mindful of as you begin planning for your special day, namely invitations.

These invites will set the done for your special day while also extending a formal invitation to friends and family. That said, you should consider investing a fair amount of time into this aspect of your wedding plans.

Although we are in a day and age where most things are done online, paper invitations are still very much part of the wedding invitation experience. Of course, sending out invitations on your own may not always be practical. Therefore, some couples opt to work with custom invitation companies. Nautical wedding invitations, for example, offers an array of templates designed to make crafting elegant nautical wedding invitations easier than ever. Here are a few tips to help get you started:

1. If you’re sending a “save the date” informing friends and families about your upcoming wedding, also send a formal invitation. And as a matter of courtesy, also send invites to those who state they may not be able to attend. After all, plans can change, and they may be able to attend as the official day approaches.

2. Mail your invites out 6 to 8 weeks prior to your wedding. This enables you to get a head count early, which, in turn, aids in finalizing catering, seating, and rentals plans.

3. Although it is recommended that you send out your invitations 6 to 8 weeks ahead of your wedding, you should start thinking about design and print options even earlier.

4. Consider printing at least 10 to 15 additional invitations in order to accommodate last-minute guests.

5. Carefully choose the theme/print for your invitations when creating your invitations online.

6. Consider investing in reply postcards; this allows prospective guests to confirm they will be attending, and they are not overly expensive.

7. It’s a good idea to use a secret code for all of your replies; this code is a useful way to denote who the reply came from, should the invitee forget to write their name on it.

8. If at all possible, avoid using address labels; these labels give the impression that you’re doing a mass mailing, eliminating the personal attention that potential guests deserve.

9. When sending your invites, protect your tongue by using a glue stick instead of licking envelopes, you’ll be glad you did.

10. Lastly, be neurotic when it comes to postage and mailing; make sure that all of your invitations are properly addressed and have the correct postage.

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