Seven Things to See and Do in Macau

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There’s no denying that China’s on the upswing, when it comes to tourism and I’m seeing more and more interest in every aspect of the country. Yet with it being so vast, you might be asking yourself where’s best to visit.
I’ve been thinking that over myself lately and in my eyes, there’s a lot to be said for Macau. While we all know it’s a popular place for Malaysians to visit, thanks to having lots to experience, here are my seven favourite things to see and do in this amazing city.

Try the pastel de nata

Because Macau has some old historic links to Portugal, it’s become a great place to eat the pastel de nata, which originated in that country. This is something you definitely need to try if you’re visiting Macau, because the combination of the crisp creme brulee top, creamy custard insides and flaky pastry shell are a heavenly combination.
Asia is a fantastic place for food of all kinds, of course, but these sweet treats get me every time.

Climb Macau Tower

This is one of Macau’s major landmarks, but even if you’ve visited a hundred times before, it seems they’re always doing something new to freshen things up. Macau Tower is a fantastic symbol of just how this city has become such a modern icon across Asia and there’s lots to enjoy here.
While a classy meal, overlooking the city in its revolving restaurant, is always tempting, the bungee jumping is another crowd pleaser, though not for the squeamish. Shopping and movies also make this a pretty versatile way to spend an afternoon too.

Let your foodie out at Rua de Cunha

No guide to Macau would be complete without a visit to Rua de Cunha, named after a famous Portuguese explorer. In fact, exploring is definitely the name of the game here, because while this narrow pedestrian street looks crowded, that’s only because it hides some of the best food and drink in the city.
There’s spicy noodle dishes, sweet jelly bowls and Seng Cheong Crab Porridge all on offer, as well as any number of international dishes and lots of street food. It’s best to visit while you’re hungry!

Sunshine in Senado Square

They say that this is the must-visit part of Macau and I’m tempted to agree. On a hot afternoon, the flowers and stylish European architecture of Senado Square will make you feel a thousand miles from anywhere. Much like Europe, it’s very much a cafe culture kind of place, where you can drink coffee at outside tables, take photographs and watch the world go by.

Head up Guia Hill

The World Heritage lighthouse, located up on Guia Hill, is actually one of the highest points on the peninsular, so the hike up here is well worth it. Definitely take bottled water with you if you’re going in the sun and look out for the lighthouse, with its distinct cream and orange design. The views from up here are fantastic and show off the full spread of the city of Macau, far below.

Seek history in the Mandarin’s House

This immaculately kept place is akin to stepping back in time. The Mandarin’s House is hidden away among the bustle of Macau, but I love the story it tells about helping the city unite east and west. From its circular entrances to the untouched furniture and tiny courtyard, the house shows how people lived long before Macau became so cosmopolitan, like it is nowadays.

Check out the columns at Fisherman’s Wharf

It sounds more like nets and jetties, but Fisherman’s Wharf is actually a massive series of gold-coloured stone structures that almost look Roman. You could even think you’ve found yourself at Rome’s own Coliseum in some of the places, but of course, it’s all part of the fun of this city theme park. You can expect tons of shops and cafes too, so it makes for quite a cool day out.

Macau has so much to offer and I’m definitely looking forward to taking a trip there soon.

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